Enriching the urban landscape with cultural projects

Brussels - Belgium


Cacri  noun – Spanish – A stray dog or street dog in Venezuela. The “cacri” is a mixed dog without a race, the natural consequence of hundreds of years of random breeding without interventions.

Cakri is born out of this concept, where different ideas and cultures mix under the same environment and thrive from and for the urban landscape, developing sustainable projects highlighting the human condition.


Cakri’s projects are varied and cover different areas. For a more detailed explanation of each project, please visit their dedicated website.

Brussels Street Photography Festival
Brussels Newsroom
Logo Brussels Street Photography Festival
Logo Brussels Newsroom

Promoting Street Photography as an urban research tool, as a form of cultural communication and as a form of visual art.

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A research-oriented initiative that seeks to identify, document and disseminate those fundamental elements that shape Brussels’ identity.

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Online community that promotes original contemporary street photography from all over the world.

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With a highly international team, Cakri favors and embraces multiculturalism and mixture as it is the main core of its values.

The founders

Diego Luna Quintanilla – VE/CO/ES

Sedaile Mejias – VE

Daniel Osorio – VE/IT

The cherry on top

Anne Baraquin – FR/BE

Jos Horbach – NL

Noemí Rodrigo Sabio – ES